Music & Dance

Southern Italy is home to many regional traditions of music and dance, some of them stretching back to Antiquity and earlier. These are not merely forms of entertainment, but also powerful medicine for healing of body and mind, and for inducing trance states. These traditions are often grouped under the umbrella of tarantella, and include the pizzica of Salento, the tammurriata of Campania, and others.

I could write about these traditions, but you will benefit infinitely more from experiencing them firsthand. To that end, here is a taste:


Bella figliola ca te chiammi Rosa (Tammurriata)

Vesuvio by Spaccanapoli (Tammurriata)

Lu Core Meu, lyrics and video (Pizzica)

Tamburrieddhu Meu (Pizzica)



Lu Core Meu, lyrics and video (Pizzica)


The Voyage of the Black Madonna (footage of ceremonies to various Madonne filmed from 1991 to 1997)

Galatina. La guarigione delle tarantate

Free Lessons from Alessandra Belloni 

LESSON 1: Tarentella, Pizzica Tarantata

LESSON 2: Tammorriata

LESSON 3: Ritmo e Danza Di San Rocco

Southern Italian Tambourine Lesson: Striking the drum

Full-length Documentaries 

Dancing on the Drum (Zoe D’Amaro)

Passione (John Turturro)

Musical Artists 

Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino

Alessandra Belloni

SpakkaNeapolis55 (formerly Spaccanapoli)

Michela Musolino (Terra Sangue Mare)

I Giullari di Piazza