All the Saints You Should Know: Bodies, Bones, Relics, Lore and Oddities from the Catholic Church

Benedicaria (Facebook page)

Il Regno: Ethno-cultural journal for people of Southern Italian descent

Rue’s Kitchen

Suppressed Histories Archives

Free Online Books

Biblioteca delle tradizioni popolari siciliane – Giuseppe Pitrè

Magic: A Theory from the South – Ernesto de Martino

Nuova Smorfia del giuoco del lotto (1866) – Giustino Rumeo

Vestiges of ancient manners and customs, discoverable in modern Italy and Sicily (1832) – Rev. John James Blunt

Saint Societies & Feasts

Figli di San Gennaro (NYC)

Italian American Catholicism (USA)

Maria SS Addolorata (Brooklyn)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Brooklyn)

Saint Rocco Society of Potenza (NYC)

Santa Rosalia di Palermo (Palermo)


1964 Rituale Romanum

Fish Eaters

Missale Romanum 1962

Susan Tassone (advocate for the Holy Souls in Purgatory)