Where the holy things are

In his Vestiges of Ancient Manners and Customs, Discoverable in Modern Italy and Sicily (1823), Rev. John James Blunt describes several locations where the Lares, or Roman domestic gods, were commonly positioned and where contemporary Italians and Sicilians often keep images of saints. These are:

  1. “…in the public streets, particularly in situations where several ways met, and where the conflux of the populace was consequently greater. These were called Viales or Compitales…” (21)
  2. “…to guard the entrances of houses…” (24)
  3. “…for them a corner was reserved in their principle living rooms…” (25)
  4. “…guarding the chamber and bed from the influence of evil spirits by sight.” (26)
  5. “…the protection of shipping.” (30)
  6. “…for charms…” (40), particularly as pendants around the neck

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